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Fabric Covered Pen and Pencil Cup with FREE SHIPPING in the continental United States

Fabric Options

rose garden tapestry fabric swatch
Rose Garden
swatch of cream and honey colored plaid fabric
swatch of cream and rose plaid fabric
Rose Plaid
swatch of floral tapestry
Flower Garden
swatch of monkey motif tapestry on tan background
Tan Monkey
swatch of leopard pattern tapestry fabric
Leopard Tapestry
grey flannel swatch
Grey Flannel
herringbone tweed fabric swatch
green and white plaid swatch
Green Plaid
multicolored floral tapestry fabric


black brown and white ikat print fabric frame
Brown & White Ikat
black tapestry design fabric photo frame
Black Monkey
fabric frame with blue and white bows design
Blue Bows
zebra pattern fabric covered pencil cup
blue and cream plaid covered pencil cup
Blue Plaid

Fabric Covered Pen and Pencil Cup

Item # 1045-28

Our Price: $34.00

Please call for corporate or volume discounts

A 2 3/4" x 4" fabric-covered pen and pencil holder, with a leatherette lining and felt-covered base. Available in an assortment of fabrics.

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  • Rose Garden
  • Autumn
  • Rose Plaid
  • Flower Garden
  • Tan Monkey
  • Leopard Tapestry
  • Grey Flannel
  • Grayson
  • Green Plaid
  • Pansy
  • Brown & White Ikat
  • Blue Plaid
  • Black Monkey
  • Zebra
  • Blue Bows